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A long-standing project led by 3 enthusiasts

Started more than 5 years ago by Robin, Arnaud and Romain, “Shadow of the Guild” represents in our eyes a very particular pride. Despite moments of doubt, setbacks and misguided advice, the team had the courage to see this project through to completion.

Merge literature and video games

It all started with Robin Buisson’s book, “La Guilde des Marchands de Pluie”. His idea was to make this cross-media fantasy universe and tell another side of the story of this world. And what could be better than with video games, his other favorite medium.

Prince of Persia & Comics

Wishing to honor one of the games that marked their childhood, the 3 friends undertook the creation of a tribute game to Prince of Persia, but also graphically marked by their passion for comics, which gives this particular artistic direction.

The path to publishing

After quite a few struggles, but never letting up, the team was finally rewarded when publisher Bonus Stage Publishing set its sights on “Shadow of the Guild”. A reward and a happiness, in order to consolidate years of work.

Guild Studio’s first game

A brand new Beat’m all 2D, combining infiltration, puzzles and multiple choice levels.

Take control of YarĂ n Malak and travel through the world of Aridia to discover his secrets!


Discover Aridia, the planet of Shadow of the Guild, inspired by the novel “La Guilde des Marchands de Pluie”


Immersed in the heart of a captivating plot whose repercussions risk changing the world.


Deploy your skills as assassins, mages or warriors to overcome your enemies.

An epic adventure

You’re a spy and an assassin, the best of the Rain Merchants Guild… But when the Eastern Empire seems to have found a way to steal your commercial monopoly, Edenil, the head of the Rain Merchants Guild, decides to send you there to destroy this discovery and all those associated with it.


LThe planet of a thousand miles, an arid world where all the kingdoms fight for a vital resource: water.


Discover the events leading to the third imperial war, described in the trilogy “The Guild of Rain Merchants”


In this adventure, you will influence the course of history and meet the main key characters in the book.


Embark on the flying ships of the Rain Merchants Guild and discover the wonders of this world…


Shadow of the Guild is a Beat’m All 2D that draws its video game inspirations from productions such as Prince of Persia, Shank or Dead Cells. Add animated cut-scenes, QTEs and an RPG component allowing you to personalize your hero … You get a new and unusual game!


Deploy and improve your warrior skills to dominate the many opponents who will line your route.


Be a shadow and develop your skills as an assassin in order to overcome your enemies discreetly.


Use and discover new powers, master lightning to devastate everything in your path.


Take on bosses and enemies through QTE in an animated cut scene.


Discover the world of Shadow of the Guild !

Our Team

The whole team is there to create the best possible gaming experience for you!

Robin Buisson

Screenwriter and developer

Arnaud Wallet

Creative Director

Timoté Claveau

Environment Artist

Jérémie Frémont

Sound Designer


Concept Artist

Mathieu Bongibault


Latest News

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Shadow of the Guild publish by BONUS STAGE

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